We’re making changes to how we do business in response to Covid 19 – Alert level 4.

Exceed window & door security & safety repairs services during Covid-19 Alert Level 4 New Zealand lockdown

With the unfolding COVID-19 situation we wanted to let you know what steps Exceed is taking to ensure our clients, teams, their families and local NZ communities stay healthy and well.

“Essential services” only - windows & doors security and safety repairs:

Some of our Exceed teams will be working in a limited capacity to attend and help with your home or business’ security & safety needs as of Wednesday March 25th.

List of local areas where Exceed’s “essential services” will be available for you at the discretion of each local Exceed team:

What is considered a window & door security and safety matter?

This relates to any instance where you believe your person or property is at risk, and associated security services are required to address this concern. For example,

  • Locked out of your home.
  • Missing other essential keys.
  • Broken or faulty windows and doors locks & latches that pose a security risk.
  • Any other window & door urgent work required to secure your home or business premises

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What about health and safety while working with you in your home?

For when a site visit is unavoidable, and if you are deemed an ‘essential service’, we have also refined our processes. Here is what we will be doing to look after both yourself and our team while working in your home/business:

  • We apologise in advance for not shaking your hand
  • We take 2 steps back from the door when we first greet you to be 2 m away
  • Following expert advice, we have upped our cleaning regime while working in your home with all work-sites wiped down once the work is completed
  • We check with customers before we call to ensure that everyone is fit and healthy so we do not transfer between homes
  • Parts are all sourced from suppliers who have in place a current policy on action towards minimizing the spread of Covid-19

“Non-essential” services for window & door repairs:

Our teams will not be providing "non-essential' repairs for windows & doors during the lock-down period established by the NZ Government. However if during this period you realise that your windows & doors can do with some TLC, our teams are available to assess your window & door repairs needs over the phone, provide an estimate cost for the repairs and book a time and day for a site-visit post lock-down.

Remote customer service:

Exceed head office’s team will be working remotely by the end of Wednesday March 25th.

Our lovely customer care centre will be available Monday to Thursday (8am-5pm) and Friday (10am-3pm).They will be there to take your calls and assist you with bookings for “essential services” (windows & doors security and safety repairs). 

Our customer care team will also be available for you, if you have any concerns or questions about your interactions with Exceed during this time or would like to discuss any issues you are experiencing where you feel a conversation may be helpful.

We’re all in this together! So please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer care team for anything you need on:

We are all hoping to see NZ get on top of this quickly. Be kind to one another!

Exceed window & door security repairs services in NZ


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