EVS Triple Retro Glazing For Wooden Windows

Get EVS Triple Retro Glazing for timber joinery installed in your home!

Enhance your home's windows with our expert installation of the innovative EVS Triple Retro Glazing system, designed to elevate your home's energy efficiency and protection while preserving its original charm.

Installing EVS Triple Retro Glazing is a seamless process tailored specifically for wooden windows. Our expert team adds a double-glazed panel to the outside, ensuring that your original glass and timber frames remain untouched. This preservation maintains your home's aesthetic appeal while delivering superior insulation and protection. Save time and preserve the unique appeal of your wooden windows and home with EVS Triple Retro Glazing, contact us today!

Why Choose EVS Triple Glazing?

EVS Triple Retro Glazing system meets the standards of the NZ Building Code, with outstanding performance in thermal, aging, and wind load testing.

Energy Efficiency

Triple Retro Glazing significantly improves insulation compared to single glazed panels, helping to reduce heat loss and condensation.

Enhanced Insulation

Maximize insulation and protection while reducing installation time and invasiveness.

Customizable & suitable for various windows

Tailored to your requirements and budget, with options for various glass combinations. Whether you have casement windows, double hung windows, or other types, EVS system can be fitted to enhance performance while preserving the original character of your wooden windows.

Thermal Pumping Technology

EVS unique technology removes trapped moisture between existing and new panels, ensuring a dry cavity and preventing fogging.

More affordable

In most cases EVS triple retro glazing is a faster and easier product to install which can reduce the time and cost. This can provide customers with more affordable glazing options compared to double retro glazing.


EVS utilizes your existing glass and timber frames so you don’t have to destroy your existing windows or replace the glass that would otherwise be sent to land fills .

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Let us help you create a warmer, drier, and quieter home with EVS Triple Retro Glazing. Your local Exceed specialist can assist you in determining what EVS products will suit your needs. 

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Discover the Transformation with EVS Triple Retro Glazing!

Watch this 'before and after' video to see how EVS Triple Retro Glazing can not only preserve the charm of your beautiful timber windows but also enhance it, adding value and elegance to your home.

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