Door Repairs

Exceed have experience fixing a wide range of common door faults for hinged doors, sliding doors, stacking doors and pivoting doors. We can replace worn locks, improve function and door security, install automatic door closers and fix leaky doors.

Common Repairs and Improvements

Broken handles

Replace broken handles to improve the operation of the mechanism & security on your doors

Broken hinges

Replacement of damaged hinges due to wear and tear that can occur from corrosion and misuse

Realigning doors

Realigning doors to fit squarely in the frame to ensure they fit snuggly when closed and don't droop when opened.

Timber liners​

Replacement of rotten timber liners that may have rotted around the door frame over time

Damaged locks

Replacement of worn or damaged locks to assist with security and help prevent unauthorised access to your home

Swimming pool regulations

Installation of locks to meet swimming pool regulations.

Flush bolts

Replacement or adjustment of flush bolts often seen in French or Bi-fold doors.

One key

Conversion of all door locks to just ONE KEY to make for simply operation and eliminate all those bunches of keys.

Sliding door wheels

Replacement of sliding door wheels to ensure doors slide easily instead of being too heavy to move or sticking.

Aluminium frames

Replacement of damaged aluminium frames, physical damage to aluminium panels may be resolved through replacement.

Security/Insect Screens

Installation of security or insect screens for a safer and bug-free home, making your home more enjoyable and safe for you and your family

Glazing beads

Replacement of missing glazing beads to ensure glass panes fit snuggly.

Passive air vents

Installation of passive air vents that can be glazed into existing doors and allow some air flow even when doors are locked shut.


Installation of window deadlocks for increased security and to help prevent unauthorised entry to your home

Sliding door handles

Installation of new generation sliding door handles to prevent burglars gaining access by manipulating sliding doors from their frames.

Sliding door tracks

Replacement of damaged sliding door tracks to improve the way the door slides.

Draught strips

Replacement of worn draught strips to prevent wind and cold from penetrating any gaps during winter months, when you need your home to feel warm and well ventilated

Hydraulic door closers

Installation or replacement of damaged hydraulic door closers control units to ensure doors will close automatically.

Damaged aluminium panels

Replacement of damaged aluminium panels colour matched to existing joinery.

Vision tape

Installation of vision tape to prevent people walking into the glass panels of closed doors.


Some technicians will carry out reglazing if needed, or refer you to one of their recommended glaziers.

Door leaks

Assessment of door leaks * (refer to Exceeds Our Promise).
*Remedy of leaks often can be very difficult. With our Best Practice Standards, Exceed can carry out assessments of leaks and make recommendations for possible remedy. While our 20 years of franchise experience give us confidence in our approach to the remedy of leaks, in all cases however, the repair process is trial and error and a remedy cannot be guaranteed.