Conservatory repairs

Exceed can undertake a range of conservatory repairs nationwide. We can help you assess and repair conservatory leaks, replace roof panels, and expertly repair conservatory doors. Restore the beauty and functionality of your conservatory with Exceed's expert repair solutions. Trust our experienced team for top-quality conservatory repairs.

Common Repairs and Improvements


Assess, evaluate and repair leaks* (Please refer to Our Promise regarding remedy of leaks).


Roof panel replacement to upgrade damaged panels or to improve insulation.

Noise & heat control

Recommend the right type of roof panel to help manage the heat in summer and control noise during heavy rain.


Installation of opening windows, doors and louvres to assist with airflow in your conservatory.

Sliding and hinged doors

Repair or replacement of damaged sliding and hinged doors

Sliding or push-out windows

Repair or replacement of damaged sliding or push-out windows.

*Remedy of leaks often can be very difficult. Exceed can carry out assessments of leaks and make recommendations for possible remedy. While our 30 years of franchise experience gives us confidence in our approach to the remedy of leaks, in all cases however, the repair process is trial and error and a remedy cannot be guaranteed.


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