Wooden Joinery Repairs

We fix the hardware on timber joinery. Exceed technicians can repair or replace most hardware components on timber joinery.

Preserve and revive your wooden joinery with Exceed's specialized repair solutions. Trust our skilled team for expert craftsmanship and exceptional results. Get in touch today!

Common Repairs and Improvements

Hinges on timber frames

Replacement of hinges on timber frames which have become worn, corroded and seized.

Handles and fittings

Exceed has a range of fittings for most styles of timber windows and can recommend upgraded products if required.

Friction stays

Replacement of friction stays to ensure wooden windows remain open in a desired set position and don't flop fully open or closed.

Sash cords, weights, pulleys

Some technicians will carry out replacement of sash cords, weights and pulleys in double hung wooden and aluminium windows.

Spiral and spring balances

Replacement of spiral and spring balances in older wooden windows to ensure your windows will open in the position you want.


Some technicians will carry out reglazing if needed, or refer you to one of their recommended glaziers.

Window & door leaks

Assessments of window & door leaks* (refer to Exceed's - Our Promise).

*Remedy of leaks often can be very difficult. With our Best Practice Standards, Exceed can carry out assessments of leaks and make recommendations for possible remedy. While our 30 years of franchise experience gives us confidence in our approach to the remedy of leaks, in all cases however, the repair process is trial and error and a remedy cannot be guaranteed.


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