Other Security Services

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We can help improve security of your windows & doors

Common security solutions for your windows & doors

Hinge bolts

Installation of hinge bolts to prevent the door from being lifted out of its frame.

Hydraulic door closer

Installation of hydraulic door closer control units to provide safe operation of doors.

Automatic door closers

Installation of automatic door closers on sliding doors to give you peace of mind that all doors have closed after operation.

Swimming pool regulations

To minimise unauthorized access to pool areas, we can supply security stays to meet the swimming pool requirements.

External beads and rubbers

Upgrade the external beads and rubbers that hold glass in place in windows and doors, to more secure ones.

One-key deadlocks

Installation of deadlocks on windows and doors that utilise a one-key system meaning all deadlocks can be unlocked using just one key.

Security Screens for doors

Help keep your home and family safe. Get Platinum Security and Barrier Doors installed in your home today.

Loose, wobbly or broken window catches

Replacement of colour-matched broken window catches, to ensure windows can be secured properly.

Window safety stays

Installation of window safety stays to restrict the window opening width to minimise the chance anyone falling out of the window. (Safety stays only provide a low level of security against unwanted entry. If safety stays are wanted as a security item, please check with your insurance company to ensure that your insurance cover is not compromised).

Multipoint locking systems

Installation of multipoint locking systems around the perimeter of doors to provide extra security. These can be fitted to hinged, sliding and bi-fold doors.

Key operated deadlock

To enhance security, we can install a key-operated deadlock which ensures doors are closed and latched shut when you are not at home.

Digital deadlocks

Installation of digital door locks to enhance security and provide the convenience of keyless entry, meaning you no longer need to remember your keys when you leave your home.


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