Insect Screens For Bathroom Windows - No More Unwanted Visitors

January 29, 2020

Have you ever been sitting in the bathroom, minding your own business (or perhaps doing your business) only to be interrupted by bugs? If it's not one of those slow, dopey blowflies, it's a mosquito waiting to make its move on your bare skin.

Why is it these days blowflies seem to love dive-bombing your face... and don't get me started with mosquitoes stalking you on the loo. The worst part is when they disappear while you are on the toilet and you live in fear they might bite you on your more delicate regions.

In summer flies, bugs, spiders and insects can be a real pain… sometimes literally.

On those hot sticky nights, it is nice to have a breeze coming in the window to let the fresh air circulate around the house is. The trouble is that pests can fly in the windows, particularly at night when they see the light on the in the bathroom and go straight for your skin... or lay in wait to keep you up all night with the incessant buzzing.

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In my home I like to leave the window open at night to ventilate the house and get rid of the steam from my evening shower... the trouble is when I leave the light on, all of the moths, flies and bugs seem to love to fly in.

This is particularly annoying when I have had the air conditioner on, rather than opening the windows and doors, to stop bugs from getting in the house, as they seem to find my family and me particularly delicious.

But the bathroom window is the chink in my homes bug-free armour... as it soon lets in the bugs that I had been trying so hard to keep out of my home ... usually either to feast on me while I sleep, or rob me of sleep by keeping me awake.If it's not the bathroom window being open to get rid of steam to maintain the value of the bathroom, stop mould and keep my paint intact...Or the ventilation needed for lingering smells….It's an attempt at creating some sort of breeze on a hot sticky night.

Whatever the reason - bugs soon swarm in, and you spend the night swatting and slapping the air (and sometimes yourself) or stalking the bugs for prey with a can of fly spray. Just to get some peace and protect your skin.

This is where a retractable insect screen for the bathroom is a great idea. You can pull the screen across when you open the window to keep bugs away. And use the loo and shower in peace. That way you can ventilate your bathroom without letting bugs getting into the rest of the house and keep the breeze flowing through the house, even at night, without worrying about moths, mozzies and blowflies stalking you at night.

What you need to know about fly screens for bathroom windows:

They can be installed on any sized bathroom window. Our technicians can come and measure the size of your window, check the colour of your joinery, and order your screen from the factory. Once it's made, they will custom fit it to your window, so you can easily open the window, then slide the screen shut on the window. It is windproof, so will not be moved by a gust of wind and uses blow out resistant kevlar mesh. These clever screens are simply pulled into place when needed and stowed in a discrete, cassette out of sight when not in use.

We have two types of fly screens for windows

EZ INSECT SCREENS FOR WINDOWS: Ez Screen is a functional roll up insect screen. This innovative retractable insect screen can be mounted to the face of the window opening or inside the window reveal. 

Easy-to-clean window sill, there are no channels and unsightly dust traps on this screen design. The catch plate that holds the screen open is neatly built in to the end of the mesh guide rails providing an easy-to-clean window sill.

Roll up fly screens

MONARCH WINDOW/VISIONAIR RETRACTABLE INSECT SCREENS FOR WINDOWS:  It is a revolutionary, slim line, pleated insect screen which has been developed for use on small to large average size window openings.

It is usually installed to slide horizontally, eliminating the need to reach up to the top of the window when operating the screen, but it can also be installed vertically. Our unique cord operating system allows you to gently slide the screen to any position in the window opening, without the need for a spring-loaded brake or manual locking device.

Smooth Operation - A series of Kevlar cords assist in the motion of the screen making it smooth and easy to operate.

Sliding Fly Screens

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