Ensure a peaceful night of sleep with insect screens for windows

November 15, 2022

There you are lying in bed, your eyelids are getting heavy, and you can feel your mind switching off as you start to drift off. And then it begins.

A high-pitched buzzing.

You wonder what it is as first, your television, the hum of the refrigerator in the kitchen. And then it gets closer and you realise it is a mozzie.

You lay in wait, lit only by the screen of your cell phone, waiting for it to land. You swat it and inevitably miss and slap yourself instead.

Only to find yourself wide awake, extremely annoyed and wondering if you will ever be able to get to sleep. AND if you have had any insect repellent or fly screen handy.

You have two choices, you can either grin and bear it and pop some antihistamines and hydrocortisone cream tomorrow so you do not scratch the bites

Or you can douse the suckers with fly spray and marinate yourself in repellent.

The trouble with insect repellent is it's expensive and it smells gross. Then there is fly spray. After you spray this aerosol spray to kill the bugs, you have to keep breathing it in until it dissipates. Not to mention the smell it leaves in the room.

How many hours of sleep have mosquitoes robbed you of in a lifetime? And it isn't just mozzies, flies and moths can be just as annoying when you are trying to drift off to sleep.

Then once you have dealt with the bugs, you are left, lying there, wide awake at 2 am wondering if you will ever drift off to sleep.

A retractable insect screen on your bedroom window is an excellent way to let the fresh breeze into your room without waking up covered in mozzie bites.

  • Ensure a peaceful nights of sleep for you and your family
  • Save money on repellents and sprays
  • Avoid exposing yourself to toxic chemicals.

We have two varieties of screens for windows:

EZ Screens - Which are a roll up screen for windows. Ez Screen is a functional roll up insect screen. This innovative retractable insect screen can be mounted to the face of the window opening or inside the window reveal. Read more...

Visionair Screens / Monarch Window Screens- Which are sliding screens for windows. Visionair is a revolutionary, slim line, pleated insect screen which has been developed for use on small to large average size window openings.... Read more...

View our selection of retractable screens for doors and windows and enjoy a bug free summer.

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