Security & Barrier Doors

Get Platinum Security and Barrier Doors installed in your home.

All Platinum security & barrier doors are designed and made in New Zealand by FMI Building Innovation in compliance with Australian safety standards to add an extra layer of security to your home.

Platinum security and barrier doors can come with a sub-frame, which means they can be fitted to old or new aluminium joinery.

With Platinum security and barrier doors you can enjoy:

Peace of mind

stainless steel mesh, multipoint locking and patented mesh retention mechanism make Platinum Security doors exceptionally strong, ridged and secure, helping you keep intruders out of your home.

Comfortable living environment

by allowing for natural light and flow of fresh air to enter your home, while helping keep out annoying insects.

AEONOX technology

a tough, scratch-resistant powder coat technology, which helps protect your Platinum door aluminium surface from nature's elements and the wear of everyday living.

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Why Platinum security?

All Platinum security doors are independently tested to AS5039, AS5040, and AS5041 Australian standards.

Pull Test

Simulates an intruder using a lever to get past the security door. The test is performed with a large screwdriver at all locking, hinging, and fastening points. The force applied is up to 45 kg for 20 seconds – way beyond the capability of most potential intruders.

Dynamic Impact Test

Simulates an intruder trying to kick their way through a security door. A bag full of lead shot and sand weighing more than 40 kg is smashed into the security screen with an impact energy of 100 joules. While the standard industry requirement is 100 joules – Platinum doors achieved 300 joules!

Knife Test

Simulates a knife attack on your security screen. A heavy-duty trimming knife is dragged along a 250 mm line with a force of 15 kg vertically and up to 35 kg horizontally.

Jemmy Test

Simulates a forceful entry by a strong intruder trying to pull at the door's top, side, and bottom.

Platinum Barrier Doors

Barrier Doors come standard with a diamond grille, black aluminium mesh screen and Single-point locking. While they do not meet the same stringent standards as Security Doors, they can deter unwelcome visitors, help keep out insects and control pets moving in and out. The barrier doors also allow natural light and unrestricted airflow.

Security and Barrier doors can come with a sub-frame, which means they can be fitted to old or new aluminium joinery.


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