Exceed Terms and Conditions

All services are provided subject to and in accordance with our Terms and Conditions which are available to view online and to download via the link below. By engaging us to provide services, you agree that these Terms and Conditions apply.

Exceed Lock Up Procedure

Lock up procedures taken by the Exceed team in conjunction with owners requirements.

Exceed franchise owners will ensure that any windows or doors they have been instructed repair and or use for the purpose of gaining access to the property or to perform their services will be secured and locked before leaving the property.

Any other instructions required by the owner should be communicated by way of text or email to the Franchise Owner before the job is completed. Unless otherwise instructed, the Franchise Owner will not alter any other aspect of the property security, without first being authorised by the property owner. In other words we will leave as found.

Exceed Franchise Owners cannot be held liable for any subsequent unlawful access via any other entry point that was not attended to or used by the Franchise Owner.

*If you wish to discuss any of Exceed Terms and Conditions, please write to us at admin@exceed.co.nz


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