silent leadership challenge 2015

August 19, 2015

Every year The National Foundation for the Deaf runs the Silent Leadership Challenge designed to encourage Leaders in the business world to take a day to live with a simulated hearing impediment. When the Leaders sign up for the challenge they are sent a set of earmuffs and information about the four challenges they are to complete while wearing the headset.

On the 7th of August, six members of the Exceed Head Office Team took part in the Challenge for 2015. The day was long and filled of challenges above and beyond the four challenges set by the Deaf Foundation as part of participation..

The four challenges this year were to:

  • Hold a one on one meeting
  • Take part in a group/Team meeting
  • Go out of the office socially [I.e. to a Local Cafe for lunch]
  • Watch TV / relax at home

Our newly founded hearing impediments brought plenty of communication issues and one unhappy Boss Man. We struggled to run the Head Office as we found ourselves no longer able to rely on daily norms, and such found frustration was bred with our ineffective communication. Taking part in the 2015 Silent Leadership Challenge highlighted, for the six involved, the real issues that people with hearing impediments live with in their day to day, we realized what we took for granted and how much more effort is required to communicate effectively with those around you when you are effected.

Exceed, as leaders in one of the highest effected industries for occupational hearing loss, was and will continue to be proud to stand with The National Foundation for the Deaf in changing lives for those effected. With the help of our Customers, Friends and Family we have raised $283.50 to-date but the donation page is still open!

1 out of 6 New Zealanders are effected with hearing loss but you can help make a difference! Here is how, visit Team Exceed Page to make a donation or to the Foundations website to learn more about the work that The NFD does in New Zealand.

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