Lose your keys for good with the Yale Assure lock

May 01, 2018

How to use the Yale Assure Door Lock Phone App for Keyless Entry

We know learning to utilise new technology like this can be confusing, so we wanted to write a quick blog to give you a feel for how these locks work when they are installed in your home so you can see they are the right solution for you.

Learn how the Yale Assure App for iPhones and Androids works to manage entry to your home:

✓ Give friends, family or Air BNB guests Digital Keys or codes.

✓ Set the time individual people can use their keys to gain access to your house.

✓ Enter using your phone or a pin code.

✓ See at a glance how many keys you have issued and to whom.

✓ No need to carry bulky keys when you go for a run or head out for the night

✓ Make sure you locked the door with a glance at your phone screen and lock your house remotely if you have left the door unlocked.

✓ Uses twist and go technology where you twist your phone to enter, rather than just opening when you are in proximity, which could be an issue when you are inside your house.

See how easy it is to use with these step by step instructions.

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