How our teams are operating under the new Traffic Light System

December 02, 2021

All our Exceed teams are operating in line with the new COVID-19 Protection Framework aka Traffic Light System set out by the New Zealand Government on 2nd December 2021.

Please be assured that we are taking all precautionary measures to protect you and to minimise the risk of further spread in our local communities.

At Red, Orange, and Green lights, we continue to provide a contactless service and help customers with their window & door repair , maintenance and security needs.

What about health and safety while working in your home in Red and Orange Level?

As per the advice made available by the World Health Organisation, the New Zealand Government, and their agencies, our team has put in place the following H&S procedures to ensure our customers and teams are kept safe while onsite:

1. Contact tracing technology:
Our technicians will have to fill out specific Covid-19 H&S forms for every job they attend during Red & Orange Levels. All forms will be completed on site and saved into a mobile application used by our technicians in their mobile phones. This H&S information and mobile technology will help with contact tracing should it be required.

2. Safe operations:
Our lovely customer care centre team will ask all customers 3 to 4 simple H&S questions when booking a job with us, to ensure that everyone is fit and healthy and that we do not transfer between homes.

According to NZ government Covid-19 Protection Framework, our technicians will wear a face covering and disposable gloves, some may also choose to wear personal protective equipment to keep themselves and you safe (i.e. safety glasses).
We have upped our cleaning regime while working in your home with all work-sites wiped down once the work is completed. Our H&S policy also requires that all Service Technicians regularly wash their hands (or use hand sanitizer) and wear shoe covers in order to help prevent the spread of any virus.
Window & door parts are all sourced from suppliers who have in place a current policy on action towards minimizing the spread of Covid-19.

3. Social distancing and reduced contact:
We take 2 steps back from the door when we first greet you to be 2m away and we will keep this same distance from you and your family members while working in your home.
We apologise in advance for not shaking your hand.
We ask all our customers to maintain a 2 meter distance at all times while our Service Technician is in your home which will help keep both them and yourself safe.
Please ensure pets, especially dogs and cats are in an area where we won’t run the risk of contact with them.

Customer service to take all your window & door repair enquiries and bookings:

Our lovely customer care center is available Monday to Friday (8am-5pm). They will be there to take your calls and assist you with bookings for all your window & door repair needs:

- window repairs & maintenance
- door repairs & maintenance
- window & door security and safety
- fly screens for windows & doors installation

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