exceed retractable screens

October 12, 2015

enjoy a bug-free summer with new retractable insect & fly screens

New generation insect and fly screens are here! These clever screens are simply pulled into place when needed, then pushed back into a discrete, tidy cassette when stowed.
Exceed Retractable screens are smooth and easy to operate. They're stylish, robust and a significant innovation over old-style hinged or sliding screens that were permanently visible all year round.

Exceed Retractable insect & fly screens fit snuggly out of sight when not in use. They fit most window and door configurations including, hinged, bi-fold, sliders, and French doors. Designed using expandable mesh which absorbs occasional impacts from pets or children.

Here is a quick look at the three retractable insect & fly screen styles available in time for summer!

Ez Screen

This functional roll up insect screen is perfect for the home renovator or professional installer. This innovative retractable insect screen can be mounted to the face of the window opening or the inside of the reveal.Slow recoil; Ez Screen is constructed with unique adjustable viscodynamic cushion system that adjusts the speed of the screen gently recoiling the sliding bar and mesh into the protective cassette at the top of the opening without undue force.

Simple operation; The insect mesh is kept safe in the housing at the top of the window opening. When insect protection is required the sliding bar is pulled down to the sill and the screen locks into place.

Barrier free sill; There are no channels and unsightly dust traps on this screen design. The catch plate that holds the screen open is neatly built in to the end of the mesh guide rails providing an easy to clean window sill.

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This revolutionary slim line pleated insect screen has been developed for use on larger than average window openings. Visionair is usually installed to slide horizontally eliminating the need to reach up to the window head when operating the screen. Our unique cord operating system allows users to gently slide the screen to any position in the window opening without the need for a spring loaded brake or manual locking device.
Smooth operation; A series of Kevlar cords assist in the motion of the screen making it smooth and easy to operate, Our patented mesh retention clasps support the pleated mesh resisting blow out in windy conditions.

Installation; The unique insect screen fits neatly within the window frame so as not to interfere with blinds or curtains. A face fixing option is available if there is insufficient room inside the window frame.

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Monarch Ex

This modern stylish retractable screen is the perfect solution for protecting your family from annoying insects. The semi transparent pleated mesh is designed to provide maximum view with maximum ventilation.
Low profile floor guide; Provides safe entry in and out of the home. This revolutionary retractable insect screen incorporates our industry first "barrier free" threshold standing just 3mm high so there are no unsightly channels fitted into the opening to trip over.

Glides easy; Allowing the user to gently slide the screen to any position along the opening due to our unique Kevlar Cord operating system. The cord assist the mtion of the screen and combined with our patented mesh retention clips, supports the mesh in windy conditions. When not in use, the mesh stores almost invisibly off to the side of the opening.

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