7 Reasons the Yale Assure Digital Door Lock is the best Bluetooth Smart Door Lock of 2019

April 27, 2018

When it comes to keyless entry door locks, the technology has come a long way. Gone are the days when keys or punch pads are your only option to get in the door.

Now days there is a new generation of bluetooth locks that can be opened with your mobile, a keycode and even locked and unlocked remotely.

No more getting keys cut for family members, or driving to work, only to wonder if you remembered to lock the door or not.

1. You no longer have to worry about carrying around keys

Get the convenience of locking and unlocking your home with your smartphone so you’ll never have to carry around your keys again.

2. Share digital keys with guests, friends and family

Is your sister waiting outside the house while you are at the supermarket? Have friends getting in on a mid day flight while you are at work? No problem, you can issue a digital pin code or key to their mobile phone and they can let themselves in.

3. View access history and customize lock settings and pin codes

Can't remember who you have issued keys to? The cleaner? The dog walker? You can see the issued keys on your mobile, and easily revoke any undesirable guests.

4. Lock and unlock your door with your smartphone.

When you get home from work just tilt your smartphone at the door and it will open using bluetooth.

5. Program up to 12 unique pin codes and set access schedules for each individual user.

Imagine how much getting 12 keys cut at Mr Minute would cost you.

6. Sending a digital key to your visitor can be set with a certain entry and exit time resulting in peace of mind for you as the homeowner.

Worried your courier package might get stolen? Or does your assistant need to go to your house to pick something up? No problem. Set a key for them for a certain time period and see when they accessed it, or open the door for them, then check it has been locked, all from your mobile phone.

7. No need to carry keys.

Heading out for a run or not taking a handbag and don't fancy your keys jiggling around in your pocket? You can open your door using your phone, or by entering a pin code.

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