6 Reasons AirBNB Hosts Install Keyless Door Locks and Save Time and Petrol Giving Keys to Guests.

April 27, 2018

AirBnB is a great way to make some extra income if you have spare time on your hands. The trouble is, running around meeting up with guests to give them the keys can soon eat up your time and profit margin with running your car all over town.

Then there is the security issue - you don't necessarily want to go around giving your keys to strangers.

If you pay yourself an hourly rate for cleaning, hosting and running around after you Airbnb guests it can soon make you ask if it is all worth it.

You need this clever time saving hack.

Just like a hotel, motel or resort, you need systems and time saving hacks to help you make more money for less effort.

1. Keyless entry saves you time.

Keyless entry door handles are a great way to let guests into your accommodation without having to physically meet you there. If you are getting 1 lot of guests a week, that would save you 1 hour a week, and 52 hours a year, because you don't have to be there to let them in the door.

2. Secure your home against theft.

Get peace of mind knowing that you issue them a code for the length of their stay, then change it, so there is no handing over physical keys which they can copy or lose.

3. No asking - Did I lock the door?

We have all been there, 15 minutes down the road, and asking... Did I lock the door before I left?You can easily check on your phone and see if it's green for unlocked, or red for locked.

4. Does the cleaner come on certain days?
You can issue the cleaner her own code during set times and see what times their particular key was accessed.

5. See exactly who has a key:

Not sure who has a current key? You can easily glance at the screen to see exactly who has access.

6. No more getting locked out.

Whether you guests are hanging out the washing and the door blows shut, or the kids have lost their keys, there are no need for panicked phone calls because your guest have lost their keys. You can issue them a code from your mobile on the spot… no need to get in your car and drive 20 minutes.

We recommend the Yale Assure Digital Door Lock

Here’s why it’s our pick:

  • Get the convenience of locking and unlocking your home with your smartphone so you’ll never have to carry around your keys again.
  • Share digital keys with guests, friends and family.
  • View access history and customise lock settings and pin codes.
  • Lock and unlock your door with your smartphone.
  • Program up to 12 unique pin codes and set access schedules for each individual user.
  • Sending a digital key to your visitor can be set with a certain entry and exit time resulting in peace of mind for you as the homeowner.
  • No need to carry keys around!

Have a Yale Assure Bluetooth Lock installed in your home by an Exceed Technician So

So if you are sick of running around after guests to give them they keys and pick up the keys, speak to one of our Exceed Door Lock Specialist about the right key-less entry option for you. We can install these Bluetooth key-less door lock for you, or sell you the lock to install at home.

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