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Do your windows & doors look enticing to burglars? Let us help you burglar-proof your home

Have you ever suffered from an in home burglary? I have and I wanted to share with you my story below, a story that over 312,000 kiwis experienced in 2018. And When you get burglarized, it’s not just your stuff that you lose. It's a feeling of being unsafe in your own home. It's in a situation like this you start to think about the dollar value of safety. Sure I can replace my $1400 laptop, but how do you get that feeling of being safe in my own home back. “There were around 312,000 burglari...

June 10, 2019

Lose your keys for good with the Yale Assure lock

We know learning to utilise new technology like this can be confusing, so we wanted to write a quick blog to give you a feel for how these locks work when they are installed in your home so you can see they are the right solution for you. Learn how the Yale Assure App for iPhones and Androids works to manage entry to your home: ✓ Give friends, family or Air BNB guests Digital Keys or codes. ✓  Set the time individual people can use their keys to gain access to your house. ✓ Enter...

May 1, 2018

7 Reasons the Yale Assure Digital Door Lock is the best Bluetooth Smart Door Lock of 2019

When it comes to keyless entry door locks, the technology has come a long way. Gone are the days when keys or punch pads are your only option to get in the door.  Now days there is a new generation of bluetooth locks that can be opened with your mobile, a keycode and even locked and unlocked remotely.  No more getting keys cut for family members, or driving to work, only to wonder if you remembered to lock the door or not. 1. You no longer have to worry about carrying around keys Get ...

April 27, 2018

6 Reasons AirBNB Hosts Install Keyless Door Locks and Save Time and Petrol Giving Keys to Guests.

AirBnB is a great way to make some extra income if you have spare time on your hands. The trouble is, running around meeting up with guests to give them the keys can soon eat up your time and profit margin with running your car all over town. Then there is the security issue - you don't necessarily want to go around giving your keys to strangers. If you pay yourself an hourly rate for cleaning, hosting and running around after you Airbnb guests it can soon make you ask if it is all worth it....

April 27, 2018

ServiceM8 new software helps field service franchises start, survive and thrive

A Darwin-based international software company, ServiceM8, today announced a solution to support franchise businesses in field-based industries like plumbing, cleaning and garden care. The solution builds on the existing ServiceM8 app, and is set to help franchises around the world streamline their field operations, communicate better and maintain a strong overall brand. The company’s announcement follows’s recent FrontRunners for Field Service findings, identifying Service...

July 25, 2017

Christmas and Summer Holidays

Unfortunately the festive season of celebration with our loved ones seems to have the highest rates of crimes here in NZ especially burglaries in households around this time of year. Christmas is also the busiest time of year for many of us are all out and about busy shopping for our loved ones. We must not forget that thieves will also be out and about looking for easy targeted homes to steal from. When you are out and about: - Keep all trees and shrubs trimmed - Make sure all WINDOWS ...

December 15, 2016

exceed retractable screens

enjoy a bug-free summer with new retractable insect & fly screens New generation insect and fly screens are here! These clever screens are simply pulled into place when needed, then pushed back into a discrete, tidy cassette when stowed. Exceed Retractable screens are smooth and easy to operate. They're stylish, robust and a significant innovation over old-style hinged or sliding screens that were permanently visible all year round. Exceed Retractable insect & fly screens fit snugg...

October 12, 2015

silent leadership challenge 2015

Every year The National Foundation for the Deaf runs the Silent Leadership Challenge designed to encourage Leaders in the business world to take a day to live with a simulated hearing impediment. When the Leaders sign up for the challenge they are sent a set of earmuffs and information about the four challenges they are to complete while wearing the headset. On the 7th of August, six members of the Exceed Head Office Team took part in the Challenge for 2015. The day was long and filled of chall...

August 19, 2015

exceed conference 2015

The second week of May saw Exceed enjoying another successful annual conference, this year travelling to the beautiful Hanmer Springs in the Canterbury Region for four days of presentations, workshops, and social events. The 2015 Exceed Conference was an important event for the company as it was a celebration of 25 years in business and had a strong focus on the next five year journey we will travel together and the Pure Drive that will get us there. 2015 also marked the last year that we will o...

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