Draught proof your windows with Exceed!

draught proof your windows with Exceed - we fix windows & doors

There is nothing worse than sitting on the couch with the family, or laying in bed feeling that cold draught lingering on your skin as it chills you to the bone. Even if you are running the heat pump, it still manages to find those gaps of skin on your ankles and back and form goosebumps.

If you have draughts coming in through gaps around the windows or doors, there is almost no point in turning on the heater - as it’s like money leaking out the window. Depending on which kiwi power company you are with, winter power bill figures can double if not triple over the colder months.

Luckily for you Exceed is here with a winter promo that can help you create a warmer, healthier and energy efficient home for the family... 

Draught proof your windows with this promo from Exceed we fix windows & doors

New window frictions stays and twin leaf backing seals could be all that is needed to keep the warmth in & the cold out of your home!

Book a visit with Exceed before June 30th of 2021 to replace your window friction stays and twinleaf backing seal. 

For every friction stay and twinleaf installation we will supply the twinleaf for FREE! YOU SAVE $20 PER WINDOW.

 Terms & Conditions:

  • Limited time only. Offer ends 30.06.21
  • Promotion limited to three windows per customer.
  • Discuss with your local Franchise Owner if you want more done for a local deal.
  • This offer is valid for product only (twinleaf). Labour is not included.
  • Aluminium windows only.

Let us help you draught-proof your home - Our Services:

Our exceed technicians arrive at your door in a fully equipped van with everything they need to sort your windows and doors. Here are some of the ways they can help you if your home is draughty:

  • Identify the source of the draught - Our window and door technicians can identify problem areas in your home where cool air could be coming in.
  • Adjust, repair, replace or maintain parts - We arrive on time, with fully stocked vans to repair, maintain or replace parts on your windows and doors.
  • Help you ensure your home is warm and dry  -We can also replace window rubbers, hinges, latches and catches, to prevent draughts & water entry coming through almost any gaps.
  • Installation of Door & Window accessories - Handles, Winders, Spirals, Seals & Stays. 
  • Along with sorting any window or door issues you might have. Contact us now! 

Want to take advantage of this promo to draught-proof your windows?

Organise a visit from one of our Exceed Window & Door Technicians. They will arrive on time, in their van, with everything they need to repair your windows and doors.

Call our lovely customer care center on  0800 25 25 00 or request a visit online.

How to check your windows for draughts?

Here is an easy way to identify draughty windows. All you need is a business card and to follow these 3 simple steps:

how to check windows for draughts?

Did the business card fall out or could you easily pull it out of the window?

 Then your friction stays are worn and you’ll need to call us to replace them. 

In this condition your windows can be draughty and may leak.

Contact us  0800 25 25 00 or request a visit online to draught proof your windows with Exceed´s 

winter promotion!

Interest free deals available to make draught proofing your windows & doors even easier!

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